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SSL Certificates Secure your Ecommerce transactions & more to add Trust to your Website

SSL helps you secure transactions and communications to your website. This protects customers' credit cards, passwords and sensitive data.

SSL Certificates activate the built in SSL/TLS security functionality of web servers, browsers and applications. It is the standard security technology to encrypt any browser-to-server communications over https, such as credit card transactions, logins, web mail, and database to database communications. Using SSL Certificates activates the yellow padlock so your customers can trust that your website is secure.

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SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer, also referred to as TLS (Transport Layer Security).

SSL activates the padlock on web browsers - indicating to a visitor that the connection to the website is secure.

You'll see two techie terms being used in the SSL industry - Root Strength and Encryption Strength. Root Strength is the strength of the cryptographic keys used to the issue your Certificate, and Encryption Strength is the strength of the encrypted link between the browser and the server. In both cases AlphaSSL is as good as it gets - 2048 bit root strength and 256 bit encryption strength. You won't find stronger security at this price anywhere else!

AlphaSSL has fully automated the Certificate application and issuance process. Just follow the order instructions to the right, and the whole process should only take a few minutes. No paperwork is needed and you can get a fully trusted SSL Certificate for your site quickly and easily without the hassle or the high prices.